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If you’ve ever driven through Manila’s rush hour traffic, then you won’t argue with that.The Philippines is a developing country with a dearth of well-paying jobs in the provinces.Sure, we have our share of taxi scammers and purse snatchers, but don’t many destinations around the world have those too?Surely Manila isn’t worse than any other third world metropolis?BY GRAB: Despite being known as an app-based service, you’ll be able to book a ride with Grab even if you don’t have a smartphone or wifi connectivity.Grab booths can be found at these locations: Terminal 1: Main arrival curbside Terminal 2: Inner arrival curbside between Bays 7 and 8Terminal 3: Secondary arrival curbside between Bays 5 and 6Terminal 4: Curbside BY PRIVATE TRANSFER: It’ll probably be more expensive but if you’d like to book a private airport transfer, then you can do so through Klook or Kkday.

Without meaning to, I may have made it seem worse than it actually was.

It’s been over two years since I wrote the first edition of this Manila travel guide.

I decided to write it after hearing more than one foreigner describe Manila as the scariest city they’ve ever visited.

It services all three airport terminals and takes passengers to and from designated stops along several routes.

You can follow the link for more detailed information about UBE Express and their bus routes.