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All you need is a smartphone to join and use the service.Houseparty does collect a user’s name, email and phone number, so those pieces of information are “out there”, but there is no indication that this is more of a risk than with any other network. 10 through March 16, 2015, and 16 online and in-person focus groups with teens were conducted in April 2014 and November 2014.Most of these friendships stay in the digital space; only 20% of all teens have met an online friend in person.If they decide to suggest “friends” based on a user’s location, that could be a nightmare. From the TOS: It doesn’t look to us, based on that wording, that plain old nudity is prohibited, but if your teen is looking for a sexting app, this one is no more risky than others out there.Houseparty has built some safeguards to help users avoid unwanted joiners, which can happen.We respect your kids’ privacy and give you the tools you need to be a better digital parent.The Third Parent initial audit is now FREE (previously a value).

It’s a partial listing of the top 10 free apps in the i Tunes App Store today.Houseparty’s Privacy Policy states that they may collect user location information, which does seem like an unknowable risk to us.If they are using your location to somehow improve the service, it’s probably no big deal, but if they at any point they decide to broadcast user location to other users, that is not safe for teens.We have reached out to the company for comment on the location thing, and will update this post for clarity if and when we hear back.If your teen or tween is active online and you are having trouble keeping up, we can help.In between Instagram, You Tube, Facebook, Amazon and Google Maps – all household names – is a surprising newcomer called Houseparty.