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We could sit here and list hundreds of fantastic horror games, public and freelance, mods and games with darker twists you may or may not have heard of, but for the sake of clarity we are only going to cover games that are rooted into their horror stems, and a game that would be considered one of the following: -Generally accepted as low-selling -Generally accepted as being unheard of -Game’s that’s audiences consist mainly of a small cult following -Deserve more attention than they got Game’s will be listed by full English titles, the game’s first release (and in what region), a couple screens, a link to a Youtube video (gameplay or trailer) of said game, a small description of the game, why it’s fantastic, and who might enjoy it.Games will be listed chronologically in order of it’s release date, with older games coming first and the newest game coming last.We receive fairly regularly the question of what horror games are worth checking out.While we have the established franchises like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Dead Space, etc, to pass on we really are just scratching the surface of what the horror gaming genre has to offer.

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However, since it was released only in Japan (it was deemed to violent for American audiences at the time) a fan translation patch is available for the game.

They get trapped inside as evil forces from the mansion attack them (from zombies and dogs to possessed dolls and spirits), leading to them having to survive and get out.

Since you control all five characters, switching between them at will, you have to help all five escape.

Some of these are more common to hear but unfortunately have not been played by many or never really get a chance to shine, but we want to get into the details of what makes these games great, what audiences may enjoy them, and why you should check them out.

Defining an obscure game in the horror genre is a challenging task.