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Costa rican dating customs

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The economy depends largely on such agricultural products as coffee (the leading export), bananas, cotton, rice, corn, sugarcane, and tobacco.

Colombia produces more than 90 percent of the world's emeralds and also exports gold, iron, nickel, copper, lead, salt, coal, natural gas, and petroleum.

Undocumented immigration to Venezuela increased: by some estimates 200,000 Colombian Americans without work permits found employment there during this time.

Years of steady growth in Colombia came to a close as the economy stagnated under the weight of foreign debt in the mid-1980s.

After a period of gradual transition toward full democracy, the government of the National Front ended when elections were held in 1974.

Extreme disparity between the wealthy and the poor contributed to widespread disillusionment that kindled a Marxist guerrilla movement dedicated to revolution.

After rejecting the treaty establishing American control, the Colombian government sent troops to Panama where, with American support, local forces revolted and won independence in 1903.

In the wake of this defeat, a president with dictatorial powers assumed office in Colombia during the following year, ushering in more than four decades of peace.

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It is bounded to the north by the Caribbean Sea, to the northeast by Venezuela, to the southeast by Brazil, to the south by Peru, to the west by Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean, and to the northwest by Panama.Since the 1960s, attempts have been made to address longstanding social, political, and economic problems.Under President Carlos Lleras Restrepo (1966-1970) inflation slowed, the economy was diversified, and land reforms were instituted.The eastern plains, or llanos, account for 60 percent of the country's territory and are sparsely populated, as are the coastal lowlands.To the southeast lie the undeveloped tropical rain-forests of the Amazon basin.Their struggles fueled unrest throughout the century and resulted in a civil war from 1899 to 1902 that left 100,000 dead and brought the Conservatives to power.