People radiometric dating and the geological time scale

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A Total Power Exchange, or TPE, relationship would be the most extreme form of 24/7; some consider the terms equivalent.

abduction: See kidnapping abrasion play: Using something rough (such as sandpaper or scrub brush) to provide stimulation.

algolagnia: Deriving sexual pleasure from the application of pain to anerogenous zone anal hook: Often used in suspension bondage, it is placed in the anal opening and used as part of the suspension.

anal torture (also see figging): Inflicting pain on the anus. anilingus: an activity involving oral sex with another person’s anus.

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1950s, 1960s (etc) era: Refers to relationships based on the mores and practices of the time period; generally a monogamous, heterosexual, male-led relationship.

bladder/bowel control: (1) Requiring the submissive to ask permission before toileting.

(2) Training the submissive to be able to eliminate in the Dominant’s presence, or even while being fondled.

Similar to extended aftercare, but with the intent to build intensity.body worship: To show respect to every part of the Dominant’s body, often by kissing, licking, or sucking. bastinado: Impact play involving the soles of the feet. bit; bit gag: A style of gag with a cylindrical mouthpiece, usually made of soft rubber or latex.Simulating the bridle of a horse, such bits are often used inpony play.aftercare (see Dom drop, sub drop, subspace): The time after a BDSM scene or play session in which the participants calm down, and slowly come back in touch with reality.Depending on the intensity of the scene and the nature of the participants, aftercare may be very important to one or both participants in order to prevent later emotional aftereffects.This Portal is all about Bypassing Internet Censorship.