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Coconuts Hong Kong spoke to three different matchmakers – JJ Wu Chang of Find Love in HK, Violet Lim of Lunch Actually, and Yvonne Yung of Professionals’ Matchmaking Consultancy – to uncover the secrets of this trade and ask them about the current Hong Kong dating scene. Yvonne Yung: I think the big problem in Hong Kong’s dating scene is the proportion of girls and boys.

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Camille seemed more uncomfortable and was giggling like a school girl.It seemed to be uncomfortable for her just being naked in public for the first time.

As if a couple millimeters of fabric are enough to ward off any ill intentions by others. She made an interesting comment that for her, seeing Chuck naked for the first time was the scariest aspect because she didn’t know what to expect.

She also worried about keeping steady eye contact and not staring at his penis.

This fear of being perceived as a voyeur or creep is a big concern many people have when trying social nudity for the very first time.

As the two were sent to get naked for the very first time, we get to hear their thoughts about what they are about to do – Get Naked!

While getting naked, Chuck made an interesting observation and said that he was nervous.