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Steps in validating an instrument

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The ratings occurred three times over a five week period, with completed forms being collected after each viewing.Forms from the first viewing were used to assess inter-rater reliability, with results indicating a 98% agreement.provided a scale of acceptance levels for reliability scores in medical research, reporting that an agreement of 80% or over represented a high level of reliability.Ten independent raters were asked to complete separate rugby union injury report forms for the five videotaped injuries.Also many different definitions of injury were found in the literature.Most studies used only hospital databases or injuries that caused players to miss at least one fixtured game, therefore the true incidence of injury was not evident.

New Zealand established the rugby injury and performance project to reduce the high incidence, severity, and consequences of injury in that country.

(table 2), this study developed a videotape of five rugby union injuries, showing the mechanism of injury, to be used as the basis for assessing the reliability of the form.

The procedure was both cost effective and a tested method of developing a yardstick.

—The rugby union injury report form for games and training was developed, and the face, content, and criterion validity successfully assessed.

A seven step protocol to create a yardstick was also developed to assist in the validation process.