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I knew nothing about it except that it was quite old as it has been in the family since the early 1940s but that's about all I knew about typewriters.

Being a total "", I decided to gather information about this typewriter and typewriters in general: hence the production this Web page.

The most important feature of all Hammond typewriters is that they print from an interchangeable type shuttle: a C-shaped piece of hard rubber which is held in a central "anvil." It is easy to change type shuttles, so a single typewriter can use conventional type (large or small), cursive type, non-Roman alphabets, or mathematical symbols. The heart of the machine is the turret with the semi-circle of vertical pins that are pushed up when a key is pushed.

At the same time the type shuttle held on a circular anvil turns and is stopped by the pin, in the correct position for the right type to face the paper.

When my father died in 1958, I inherited an old Hammond typewriter which I have kept very carefully since.

I don't really know when and how he got it but it is still in good shape.

The Hammond Typewriter was the first office typewriter that appeared as a true alternative to the Remington Standard 2. Hammond's invention appeared on the market in 1884. 4 printed fewer characters per inch whereas the No. 8 machines were wide-carriage typewriters aimed at commercial and government offices: they had 16", 20" and 30" carriages respectively.

Amongst these items, there was a beautiful wooden case containing an old typewriter: a Hammond typewriter that I have inherited from my father in 1958 and that I have carried from homes to homes since then.Varitypers produced such fine work that they were used as "cold typesetting" devices, which prepared camera-ready copy for printing.Only the personal computer made the Varityper obsolete.Sholes and collaborators invented the first practical typewriter, which was produced by E. The most common type of keyboard writing machine is the in which each key controls one or more characters.Remington & Sons and sold as the Sholes & Glidden Type Writerduring 1874-78. A typebar is a lever which at one end is connected to a key on a keyboard and at the other end carries one or more types.It featured a type-shuttle, a semi-circular strip of hardened rubber that could easily be replaced. Instead, there is a thick wire basket, nearly a full circle in shape, attached to the ribbon holder.