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Total debt, including obligations to programmes such as Social Security, more than doubled between 2000-10, when it exceeded trillion.

It represented 128 percent of GDP last year, according to the OECD ...

Our academic leaders oversee a campus culture often riven by conflict ...

Revisionism as applied to World War II and its origins (as also for previous wars) has the general function of bringing historical truth to an American and a world public that had been drugged by wartime lies and propaganda ...

Revisionism brings to the artificial frenzy of daily events and day-to-day propaganda, the cool but in the last analysis glorious light of historical truth.

Now that the jihadists have been cleared from all but a few pockets of territory, the United States is assessing its future presence in the civil war-torn nation. We should thank this dangerous man: He tore off the disguise and put an end to the masquerade.

Trump told the world the truth: The United States is not an honest broker, it never was and never will be.