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While the work is interesting, youve become more interested in the equipment and knowledge this gives you access to.

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, the hit cyber-security-based television series, is in its second season and as fans worked to wrap their heads around the latest bombshell episode, Telltale Games, in association with USA, released a new mobile game that allows players to become an unofficial and unsolicited member of fsociety.The game is a text-based adventure that kicks off when you, a nondescript, everyday Joe finds a cell phone lying on the ground outside the abandoned Fun Society Arcade at Coney Island.Each interaction leaves you with more questions than the one before.In some cases, individuals text you that you have no information about whatsoever, and there are points where you’re put in a real bind as to whether to “trust” them enough to divulge a little info so you can get the help or resources you need.

Robot, an award-winning show about a clinically-depressed cybersecurity engineer hired by "Mr. The latest episode, "eps2.6_succ3ss0r.p12," opens with a discussion between a Nexus owner (Mobley) and an i Phone owner (Trenton).It feels as though there should have been one more mission to wrap it up, or the end story should have been better, but overall I would still say it was worth the .99.Just be prepared for some slight disappointment with the ending.Meanwhile, there are little humorous touches woven in, from the bizarre chain of texting buddies who message you by accident thinking you are their friend Karen (and refuse to believe you aren’t), to an overly chatty IT guy who’s supposed to install a firmware patch for you, but actually has no clue what he’s doing.With each interaction, you find yourself fully immersed in the world of this person who just happened to pick up the wrong phone at the wrong time. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0(i OS) game is available now on the Apple and Google Play app stores.In the first few moments of the game, the phone appears to be reformatting itself and restarts like a factory-fresh device would.