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I won't mind paying the monthly fee and getting more people to buy this game and give it a whirl knowing you guys are working on what the majority of community wants, as I can see every one seems to want the the cum in the mouth and deepthroat, personally I can't wait for some more oral pleasure poses like "the jackhammer" "the lie on back deepthroat" ect, shemales at this this time where the game is at is a bit of a waste of time imo, everyone wants more poses and more accessories and like clothing, piercings( ps no one has ever done gauges. or some more hair, I've talked to a lot of people in this game already and the conclusion I've come to is I think the percentage of people playing your game who are dying to play as shemales is a lot less than the people who are waiting for the content everyone wants, I would play this everyday and not even consider playing another sex simulator or looking into one if I see these efforts in the next 2 to 3 months..

that's my two cents anyway Freeman Two things first, 1: Female Orgasm.

I know the developers are working hard to keep this game interesting, but sometimes it seems like they don't know what the community wants.

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that's my two cents anyway Freeman Bran, agreed very much..

2: Long Hairstyles like Wavy Curly shoulder length ones or even a decent Ponytail.

I could make a huge list here but I know better not to bother. Althought I've to agree that we do need more basic stuff before, like female orgasm, more foreplay scenes, fashion options and so on. While the She-Males may be fun, and for those that really push fantasy, even more fun, are they really a necessity at this stage ?

In my opinion and I agree Bran with that we need more poses and clothings first.

There are a lot of thing which should be developed first and then the shemale add-on.