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If Kerala then is still resisting the BJP juggernaut, it reveals the limitations of the politics of polarisation.
She haughtily took the glass, looked into it and then poured the beer over his face.

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Alicia walked into the bar a bit unsure of what she was expecting.

She'd thought about broadening her partners to more than just the occasional boyfriend and dates she went on in college, but this was the first time she had acted on anything.

It was filled with mirrors and had couches all around.

Alicia went in there and quickly tried to ready herself for her encounter with what she now knew to call her mommy.

The bartender caught her eye and gave Alicia a smile, waving her over to the bar. The bartender looked her up and down then smiled, "Yes dear, but something tells me someone will show you the ropes soon enough." Alicia smiled back, a bit nervous of what the bartender was implying. As she was sipping slowly at it, someone sat down on the barstool next to her.

"This is your first time in a place like this isn't it hun? She took a slight glance over, and knew instantly that she had made the right choice in coming her tonight due to the instant arousal she felt.

The young girl felt her nipple instantly get hard, and moaned in approval, grateful that the loud music drowned most of it out.

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She spent the rest of the time straightening her brown hair, and squeezing her full DD breasts into her favorite blue dress for the night.

Elizabeth then slowly slid one hand up the young girl's body, making sure to run her 2 inch nails all over the girl, knowing she could feel them through the thin material of her dress.

While gasping and groaning, Alicia starting grinding her body against Elizabeth's, moving her ass against the older woman.

Alicia left her apartment as quick as she could, mumbling to her roommates that she was heading out on a date, when in reality she was going to the lesbian bar across town.

Once arriving at the bar, she ran in before she could change her mind.