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You are astonishing." "I don't know," Ann demurred. "She's never done anything like this before," Tom said, "We saw your ad, and thought we'd check the place out, first." "Of course," the owner smiled broadly, as if that was the most natural thing in the world, "And I'm sure you'll be quite impressed... the best service, the best food, the best beer and booze...

and the prettiest dancers." He looked around conspirationally, "I hate to confess it, but judging from the competition, you have a great shot at winning," he winked, "Go grab a seat.

She was too skinny, without anything close to Ann's chest or ass. Tom whistled, looking at the simple sell sheet on their table. They cost a fortune." Ann shrugged; she was not really a beer drinker, anyway.

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The story was great, and while the art is worth tracking down, I guess I'm one of the less visual minority who prefer to read the story so the images are in my head. The bouncer collects his 'reward,' and the wife ends up doing more than she expected, and in doing so, assures that she is firmly in the club owner's control. A shapely blonde held on to a pole, bills generously adorning her thong where she was frozen above a group of staring men. This could be an isolated incident and the result of bad luck, or the latest string of being difficult because the rest of the cast and crew simply would not put up with him or her any longer. This makes me look good, which makes the show look good, which makes the writers look good so how could they be mad about that? The Role-Ending Misdemeanor occurs when, due to objectionable behavior or even outright criminal misconduct in the personal life of a performer or creator (and despite the trope name, some of these role enders are straight-up felonies), he or she is fired in order to protect a project's reputation, or in the case of an independent performer or creator, forced to leave the public scene because of the damage to his or her image.In other cases, he or she may actually be innocent of any wrong-doings and his or her name has unfortunately become associated with bad press.Or that perceived behind-the-scenes trouble is the excuse used and he or she is actually The Scapegoat for a more complicated problem.A server quickly took their order, bringing each a beer so cold the bottle was frosted. " the DJ's voice echoed in the big, mostly dark room.