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This shows that 'these tombs were part of a large cemetery for a large city and not a military garrisons as some suggest,' he said.'Works are underway in order to reveal more secrets.'One of the tombs, which was reached through a shaft carved in rock, contained four sarcophagi each sculpted to depict a human face.A second tomb held the remains of two sarcophagi and six burial holes, including one for 'the burial of a small child'.

During that mission, the team succeeded to uncover about 20 tombs designed in Catacombs architecture, which was wide spread during the 27th dynasty and the Greaco-Roman time.

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'This was the first time to find a burial of a child in kamin Al-Sahrawi site,' al-Bakry said, adding that the second room is located at the end of the shaft and does not contain anything except of remains of a wooden coffin.

Clay fragments found at the site date the tombs between the 27th Dynasty (founded in 525 BC) and the Greco-Roman era (between 332 BC and the fourth century).