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You can read there latest inspection report of Capernwray Hall here.

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It has various councillors in UK local government and two members of the London Assembly.

The party's ideology combines environmentalism with left-wing economic policies, including well-funded, locally controlled public services within the confines of a steady state economy, and it supports proportional representation.

It also takes a progressive approach to social policies such as civil liberties, animal rights, LGBT rights and drug policy reform.

The party also believes strongly in nonviolence, basic income, a living wage, The party comprises various regional divisions, including the semi-autonomous Wales Green Party.

At the 2012 local government elections the Green Party gained 5 seats, and retained both AMs at the 2012 London Assembly election.

At the London Mayoral Election the party's candidate Jenny Jones finished third, and lost her deposit.

Following its rapid increase in membership and support, the Green Party also announced it was targeting twelve key seats for the 2015 general election.

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The Green Party of England and Wales was established in 1990 alongside the Scottish Green Party and the Green Party in Northern Ireland through the division of the pre-existing Green Party, a group which had originally been established as the PEOPLE Party in 1973.Seeking to capitalise on the Greens' success in the EP elections, a group named Green 2000 was established in July 1990, arguing for an internal reorganisation of the party in order to develop it into an effective electoral force capable of securing seats in the House of Commons.Its proposed reforms included a more centralised structure, the replacement of the existing party council with a smaller party executive, and the establishment of delegate voting at party conferences.The party opted to elect two, gender-balanced deputy leaders, instead of just one.Amelia Womack and Shahrar Ali won the two positions, succeeding former deputy leader Will Duckworth.Between the end of 1990 and mid-1992, the party lost over half its members, with those polled indicating that frustration over a lack of clear and effective party leadership was a major reason in their decision.