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And because it was made famous, and because it will now be discussed, the related science of the Shroud will also get attention: From the article in Thermochimica Acta: "A linen produced in A. 1260 would have retained about 37% of its vanillin in 1978.The Raes threads, the Holland cloth [shroud’s backing cloth], and all other medieval linens gave the test for vanillin wherever lignin could be observed on growth nodes.The will ask why documented data was not considered.They will talk about the clues of material intrusion that were simply ignored.Chemical tests show that dye is yellow alizarin from madder root complexed with alum, a common mordant. Cotton, alizarin and gum are only found in the C14 sample area of the shroud.The 1988 carbon 14 dating failure will not be ignored; for how does one ignore such a famous example.In fact, the Shroud is much older than the carbon 14 tests suggested. No matter what any one of us may believe about the Shroud’s authenticity, we can no longer say that carbon 14 dating proves medieval origins; for the tests in 1988 were botched.

It is because the 1988 carbon 14 dating was made famous.Material intrusion is well known in the application of carbon 14 dating.A classic example is to be found in the dating of peat bogs.In the case of the Shroud it was the fibers of flax plants from which linen thread is made. And because scientists know the rate of decay, measured in half-lifes, they can calculate how old something is.When a plant or animal dies it no longer absorbs carbon. The current state of the technology is useful for dating things younger than 50,000 years.John Dominic Crossan, the famed Jesus Seminar scholar, proposed that someone in medieval times was crucified by a crafter of fake relics in order to produce the Shroud.