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And, then there are the unspoken questions once inherent in any semi-intimate interaction with a white guy: Do you want to date me as a way to stick it to grandma?

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Today, webcam sex tourism is a globally recognised problem and millions of online predators are now aware they can no longer abuse children online with impunity.

All data gathered against predators, meanwhile, was stored on another computer that was not and never had been connected to the web.

Yet though a fast-growing 'industry', webcam sex tourism was not widely recognised as a problem.

And despite its scale and illegality, only six men had ever been sentenced - due to children's silence and lack of evidence as data transmission via camera is live so rarely recorded.

Sweetie shows how creatives can have significant impact on global problems that may not seem relevant to their industry or daily lives, Woerde believes.

"Our strategy was shaped by a firm belief that simply showing a problem does not lead to effective campaigns," he explains.