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If your date throws you a curveball and has reservations at Soul, you could be stuck waiting two hours for a table with nothing to say. In your hometown, you have a deep pool of friends and friends-of-friends to consider setting someone up with.The kid from your Sunday School class that you used to have a crush on in middle school.In Charlotte, most people are transplants who are still beefing up their friend groups, so they don’t have as many long-standing connections.It means that everyone is anxious to develop that network, but it also means that they typically don’t have as many eligible bachelors or bachelorettes to throw your way when you’re in the market for a good first date. You’ll feel more comfortable on dates inside your neighborhood, but beware of bringing in too many strangers and losing your comfort zone.When you live in South End, for example, you get caught in your neighborhood bubble and might feel like you need a passport to get out to No Da. If you happen to meet someone IRL, they probably live around there too and you might date the same kind of person over and over.Since so much of Charlotte is dog friendly, you’ll see pooches everywhere -- at breweries, trotting down greenways and the Rail Trail, twirling around tables as their owners sip lattes.Pull up the app du jour at brunch, and it’s likely that one of your friends is either talking to someone you’ve matched with or has gone on a date with them before. But you might want to check before you fall head over heels and start envisioning your Tinder-themed save the date. You might not know it yet, but get a couple dates in and soon all will be revealed. We don’t blame anyone for wanting to imbibe at the city’s many great bars, enjoy some lesser-known nightlife, or use dating as an excuse to eat at every new restaurant.

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If you’re looking to meet that special someone in Charlotte, here’s what you need to know. Ah, the sweet disappointment of the business traveler.

While Charlotte has over 827,000 residents (and growing), matching with the same person on two or three different apps isn’t unusual if you’re dating in the Queen City. If they were in the “pen pal texting but never actually met up” phase, probably not. The Charlotte airport is such a hub for finance and other industries that you might start having an awesome conversation with the would-be (employed and successful) love of your life -- only to realize that they’re just in town for work and will soon be heading back to their home hundreds of miles away. Charlotte is a unique blend of people who got married right out of college and those who are in their mid-thirties (and older) just having fun.