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-- by Jefferson Monet -(Posted here: Saturday, Jan 19, 2008) - This study begins with a bold statement: The God of the Masonic Lodge is Lucifer!

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Mephisto is a Marvel Universe character created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Buscema. An embodiment of ultimate evil, a powerful Hell Lord and Marvel's most common stand in for Satan.

You can stitch all the quilts with one color border, or alternate them like I did.I had so much fun stitching these cuties up -- I worked the set shown below on 18 ct. What's fun about using the shimmery gold canvas is you don't really need to stitch the background because the canvas is so sparkly, it adds an extra elegance to the small quilts (and it also makes them faster to finish!) As you can see below, I stitched two of the quilts WITH the quilted background and two of them WITHOUT the background, so you can see the different versions and decide which you like best....Taken from an unknown tribe from Wakanda at the onset of puberty, Okoye was chosen by the Black Panther to serve as one of his Dora Milaje.Okoye stood out from an early stage and eventually became one of his personal aids along with Nakia.The two feel deeply in love, with her being his first and true love Ruler of the fictional African country of Narobia.