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I thought that she would have enough time to recover.

Afterwards, she told us that our vice-director was messaging her every hour of work asking her to come in or guilting her.

There are two Avalons in Gwangju both not directly owned by the parent company.

I only learned right before I left that not even the teachers like the director, but they are afraid to leave.

October 6, 2017 PM I was quite nervous about this school because it was on the black list back in 2015.

I thought that things had changed and that they would have made things more pleasant for staff. I'll start with what happened to a fellow teacher and then explain what happened to me.

She also told us that he had asked her if she needed to be replaced.

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There Is a positive review on Glassdoor by a nervous pressured foreign teacher but it is completely inaccurate. October 19, 2017 PM I worked at Avalon in Gwangju, Tae Jon Dong and if I were you I'd avoid it at all costs.

My coworker (Foreign Teacher) became extremely sick because Korean moms send their children to school when they are severely sick.

Add the VERY bad air quality in Gimpo, and she developed bad pneumonia.

Maybe at one point the foreign teachers were treated and paid well, but now foreign teachers are treated as a dime a dozen. Its hard to list just how bad this place is but this is some of the shit I had to put up with: Was never paid any overtime whatsoever despite putting long hours in.

Frequently had no breaks between classes despite being promised so.