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But I decided to see what the email I got was about. As instructed to [email protected] .while waiting for a instant message back I searched the skeptic email job interview offer. Meanwhile this Susan persons responds back by instant messages asking my personal info where I live and where I'm from my gender and more. I'm reporting them to the police and the phone was being traced ....interesting because they did ignored my text and responded with am I ok .funny as they certainly mis spell and lack English grammar. This is sad and ridiculous in the times we live in today.please pass the word on and thanks for those of you who shared this earlier.

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(Sorta like an i Phone.) My friend wisely asked, “If you have a boyfriend at 12, what’s left for later?If you start dating now, what’s left to happen later, say, in three or four years?The teens spend time with one another in a group, either of friends or family.Private time together is limited, if allowed at all.Call me old fashioned, but it’s shocking to hear kids as young at 10 or 12 are “dating” or more scarily, “hooking up.” Yet what surprises me even more is that often, it’s the who allow and even encourage this.

Being the norm among her peers, naturally she wanted one, too.

At least a few days a week, we stay in pajamas until noon…okay, all day.

We only clean the house really well when company is coming.

The girl was in FOURTH GRADE; she hadn’t even hit puberty yet. ” The only explanation I had was that the mom was especially anxious to be a grandmother.

Let’s think about what happens when you do start dating “the love of your life” at 11.