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If you are eligible to refinance through HARP, you’ll take out a new mortgage and use those funds to pay off your existing first mortgage and usually the closing costs for the new loan.

It’s important to understand that your “first” and “second” mortgages are separate obligations, and only first mortgages are eligible for HARP refinancing.

The second mortgage may be less in 12 months old and the homeowner is not required to have used it to purchase the home to qualify for this program.

The homeowner can still finance all closing costs, prepaid costs and escrow charges into the mortgage.

Even if you have a second loan on your home and think you won’t be eligible to refinance because you owe as much or more than your home is worth, HARP might be an option.

If you’ve made your mortgage payments on time, your first loan is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, and you owe as much or more than your home is worth, you may be eligible for HARP refinancing.

The homeowner can even finance the prepaid interest and escrow costs for the new loan.Not only will this calculator calculate the monthly payment and net interest savings (if applicable), but it will also calculate how many months it will take to break even on the closing costs (if applicable).Robert Koller With mortgage rates remaining near historic lows, you may be able to save money on your monthly payments by refinancing — even if you a have second loan on your home.HARP is only for Fannie Mae- and Freddie Mac-guaranteed loans.The 2012 multi-billion-dollar settlement between the biggest banks and 49 state attorneys general (over robo-signing) to aid distressed borrowers included money to pay off second mortgages in some states.“It’s worth finding out if that’s the case in your state by checking the website for your state’s AG to see if your existing servicer is participating,” Garcia says. Search the AG’s website for “mortgage settlement” to find the information.Contact your lender to see if it offers FHA’s short refinance option.