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Great expectations and dating

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If a milestone matters to you, communicate that directly with your husband beforehand.

If he still overlooks it, be direct and calmly explain you're disappointed: Don't guilt-trip him or expect him to telepathically understand how his oversight affected you.

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But some expectations of your husband—or of your marriage—are unrealistic."It's unrealistic to expect that he interpret the deepness of your sigh.FBI experts go through years of training for that," Reeves says.8. Don't ask him to join you frequently for activities you like but he doesn't, advises relationship expert Tina B. In fact, enjoying time apart with your separate passions will strengthen your bond.Women tend to retain emotional memories better than men do—our brains are simply wired that way.While you remember the exact date and time of your engagement, your husband likely doesn't.RELATED: The 10 Biggest Reasons Men Resent Their Wives5. It's natural to occasionally wonder after many years together.