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Previous studies of language and gender discuss how men and women use gender-specific conversational styles mainly in relation to English, whereas similar studies for Asian languages remain comparatively few.

Moreover, little is known about gender and conversational styles during intercultural communication.

If you talk to enough people in the same occupation, you will begin to see patterns and truths, some that I have never quite understood myself, despite my own extensive acquaintance with numerous sex workers in mainland China, e.g.: "Prostitutes have a stronger desire for love than do average women."The result is a flawed yet profound book (which is why I'm still giving it 5 stars).

Academics and sociologists have no better luck trying to interview the prostitute, even when offering to pay for her time; she will then be happy to cooperate and will tell them exactly what (she thinks) they want to hear, exaggerating her circumstances and stories for shock effect.

It's a classic problem of circling around the truth without ever getting any closer to it.

This is about the people who work the sex industry, why they joined the industry, and what happens to them. Women, men, transsexuals, brothel owners and even boyfriends are interviewed. This book will destroy any idea you may have of easy money and happiness coming from being a prostitute.

I hear women talking about the freedoms of being a hooker, good time girl, or a spoiled dove in history, and in the modern world, and I am sure some people do great. There is nothing more difficult than finding out what goes on in the mind of a prostitute, even when one is genuinely curious and not afflicted by sanctimony.