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The only way this could be possible given the distances between would be for a central common area to have held an advanced civilisation; but that area is and reportedly always has been totally devoid of human inhabitation.

Over one thousand square miles of unchartered wilderness.

It appears to be made of wood but her attempts at taking a sample have failed; her tools will not even scratch it. Totem poled Calling it a day Chastity wanders down to the waterfall and strips off her intrepid explorer boots and socks, khaki shorts and olive green denim shirt, and deciding it is "wash day" her white pants and sports bra too and wading naked into the water below the fall she gives herself and the clothes a good wash.

She is not bothered about her nudity, in all probability there is not another human within a thousand miles of her.

Climbing a tree on the highest point to the rear she could make out tree tops in the middle indicating a central courtyard of some kind.

She has been here three days and is still stood totally in awe of what she has found.

She has measured it using her scientific tools, exactly 400m square and 15m high, and not a single crack, fissure, opening, entry point anywhere that she could find.

Then again with the jeep from the nine o'clock point, eleven, one etc.

If she completed the clock and found nothing, then it was back home to Blighty with her tail between her legs to work in Starbucks.

She was right, all her research, her theorising, her hunches; this is a new uncharted civilisation.

Not a pyramid or any other known build style or technique predating Christ; this, here in southern Africa; is simply unexplainable. Just one of the things she cannot understand though is its appearance; the whole area is so overgrown by nature but nothing, absolutely nothing growing within ten foot of the building. There is a river running out from three different parts of the right side of the building and joining together into one big river and turning through a waterfall cascading down a slope then turning again across the front of the building.