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Under the pretext of recording fables and current reports about the Jews, he (Manetho) took the liberty of introducing some incredible tales, wishing to represent us (the Jews) as mixed up with a crowd of Egyptian lepers and others, who for various maladies were condemned, as he asserts, to banishment from the country.Inventing a king named Amenophis, an imaginary person, the date of whose reign he consequently did not venture to fix … a vision of the gods, communicated his desire to his namesake, Amenophis, son of Paapis (Habu), whose wisdom and knowledge of the future were regarded as marks of divinity.He was promoted to be a Superior Royal Scribe, and finally reached the position of Minister of all Public Works.

They wrote the mythic books of Moses then to give their people a strong sense of cohesive nationalism.

While contemporary pharaonic authorities seem to have deliberately suppressed the mention of Moses and his followers in their records, popular traditions retained the story of the man whom Egyptians regarded as a divine being, for more than 10 centuries, before it was recorded by Egyptian priests.

Under the Macedonian Ptolemaic Dynasty, which ruled Egypt after the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC, Egyptian historians made sure to include the story of Moses and his exodus in their historical accounts.

Yet, while you note Egyptians had a tendency to record historical events in a way flattering to themselves, you fail to consider that the Hebrews did the same throughout the Bible.

The books of Moses were written several hundred years after his time, when the Hebrew people were held in captivity in Babylon.