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Ross’s system is based on NLP: neuro-linguistic programming.
I will warn my son that if he falls in love with a white woman, he should make sure that she doesn’t refer to herself as colorblind, because to be colorblind or to say that you don’t "see race" is the same thing as saying that you are too uncomfortable with race to confront the baggage that comes along with it.

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Their composition opens with aromas of basil, rosemary, tarragon and mandarin.

A heart encompasses neroli, geranium, lily of the valley and anise, while base notes include: vanilla, tonka, cedar, benzoin, almond and yellow sugar. it's my favorite intimate winter situation secret weapon and Man, this one givin me compliments every time.girls looove it , Man liké it . Citrus and vanilla and herbs and tonka and wood and almond. The women in my life have found it to be sexy and attractive. I had thought the longevity was weak, but I can spray two extra spritzes for longevity and it would be difficult to overspray.

Possibly something that would fit a funeral home worker..dracula. The type women who would love wearing this are those who like stronger fragrances such as Shalimar, Youth Dew, Tabu, Five O'clock Gingembre, etc. Dress nice while wearing her because she's not for jeans and a t-shirt. This belonged to her husband but her and I both like these types of scents so she assumed I would like it. Givenchy pi :) Created by Alberto Morillas This man made some of my favorite fragrances so far.

It's a nice vanilla, almond, powder scent that lasts quite a while. I gave it a couple of sprays to the wrist and was okay with it, not immediately impressed. This is a very soft,honey,almond and vanilla sweet little angel. Some say it's more feminine than masculine but i say it's quite UNISEX.

Firstly, the bottle is one of the best looking bottles iv'e ever laid eyes on. The scent character is pretty inoffensive and quite edible. Recognizing the scent, this is what I smelled on a male car rental agent who booked me in once long ago. Wasn't so good I asked what it was, but a deep scent on first encounter.

To me this scent gives off an old industrial/gangster vibe. Interestingly, on the opening this now feels like original Joop Homme and Joop Homme Nightflight. I purchased a sample of this for my son, and I ended up using it for myself. The almond gives a beautiful kick, and the spices smell wonderfully warm. I absolutely love Pi and have been wearing it for many years.

I will try my best to find the old formulation otherwise the new one is still extremely good. A true classic frag for vanilla lovers, not as strong as it used to be, but still strong enough to be enjoyed still today This fragrance is truly sensual and exquisite.

Quite weak, lots of alcohol, not much of its synthetic/vanilla vibe, it was just like a cheap copy. Quote from benpitt: Also, if you have the box it came in, the original has 8 ingredients (4 are colors), the new one has 19 (2 are colors).Pi has good longevity (8 hours) and moderate to high sillage and projection.At times, it smells a bit like cologne for babies in the same vein as Jaïpur Homme, but it is not as sweet or sickly as the perfume by Boucheron.If you find an old batch number (pre 2010) go for it, the latest juices are weak and have nothing to do with the original formula. reminds me of being indoors with the family on a cold winter evening. one of the best designer vanilla based scents ever?It's surprisingly uplifting and has enough spices and maybe a tiny bit of citrus to make it bright and not boring or cloying. Yes imo, so far to say even one the best designer frags ever!Now i have thé new formulation because it's impossible to find thé old version BUT, i mix thé oil version of perfume parlour which IS exact same smell ... Pi also smells great on clothing (Not everything does).